If you came in contact in any way with asbestos dust or fibers then I think you will be very curious about knowing the asbestos exposure symptoms. But first let us learn a little more about what asbestos is.

Knowing more about asbestos

Asbestosis described as being a type of mineral that occurs naturally as thin fibers which are separable, looking more like colored or white woody fiber rather than a mineral. Asbestos has started being mined in the late eighteen hundreds and up until the nineteen eighties it has been used as a material for building different types of structures, yet it was soon banned by the developed countries due to the fatal side effects it can have on humans. The main benefits of using asbestos at that time are the fact that it was chemical resistant, heat resistant, fire resistant and a great insulator. Even with so many benefits, the downfalls of using it are by far outnumbering them.

Asbestos uses

This material was used as soundproofing material, fireproofing material, insulation material and also plastics (in order to strengthen them). In the auto industry it was used in order to make liners and pads. It seems that one of the industries that used it the most and endangered people’s lives this way was the construction industry. It mainly used asbestos for plaster style wallboards, paint products, blanket and blown insulation, ceiling tiles, floor coverings and floor tiles.

Below you will be able to learn more about the asbestos poisoning diseases you will deal with after coming in contact with asbestos fibers. Be aware that if you have one of them you will have to quit smoking and treat any lung disease you might have (pneumonia and even a simple cold.)

Lung cancer: This is one of the main causes of death for individuals exposed to asbestos.

Asbestosis: This means that in the individual’s lungs asbestos fibers have accumulated which caused scaring and eventually lead to fibrosis.

Mesothelioma: This is a rare form of cancer which is connected to asbestos exposure. It’s tricky to detect and most of the times it is fatal.

Who are the ones to be at risk from being exposed to asbestos? Factory workers who are involved in the manufacturing process of asbestos based products.Miners who are mining asbestos.Construction workers who renovate or remove old structures.

Construction workers who used this mineral in their projects before the 1980s ban.Shipyard workers involved in retrofitting and refitting of older ships. Shipyard workers who used this mineral in their projects to build ships before the ban of this mineral. The family members of every individual mentioned above, because they came into contact with the fibers their family members brought home unknowingly.

Asbestos Exposure Symptoms:

High white cell countAsbestos exposure symptoms


Coughing up blood

Night sweats




Loss of appetite

Weight loss

Pain in the lungs

Pain in your chest

Shortness of breath

Persistent coughing

Difficulties breathing

Remember that even if you have just a few or one of these asbestos exposure symptoms, it doesn’t really mean you are dealing with an asbestos related disease.

If you want to check this then you will only need to get in touch with a qualified doctor and wait for his diagnosis. He will just take a CAT or an X-ray scan and then tell you the good or the bad news. Furthermore if the results are not that clear they can be double checked with a biopsy.

The symptoms of asbestos exposure will put you through a lot of suffering and pain and if you are someone who is dealing with mesothelioma, then you will generally have trouble sleeping, you will not have energy to do physical effort, be tired and have no appetite.

In order to make people more comfortable some symptoms of asbestos exposure can be tackled very easily. For instance, to help you breathe easier the doctor will drain the build-up of fluid. If you have problems falling asleep, you will get some medication to help you with that.

Just remember that once you become aware of your asbestos exposure symptoms you should visit your physician at the soonest, because this could save your life. In many cases people just don’t take action when they have to and that is why sometimes this can prove fatal!


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