The chance of getting affected with asbestos lung cancer is greater if you are someone who has been in an industry that relied on asbestos very much, then you are more likely to be one of the best candidates of suffering later on in life from an asbestos related disease. Asbestos is the second cause of death after smoking and this is due to the fact that it causes lung cancer. If you don’t know what asbestos is then you should know it’s a mineral that can easily become airborne thus favoring easy inhalation.

Out there you will find that there are also several forms of this commercial insulation material and amostie, chrysotile and serpentine are just a few of them. If you have been exposed to asbestos then you will not only get to suffer from asbestos lung cancer, but you could also suffer from mesothelioma. Below you will find some asbestos exposure symptoms to find out whether your symptoms are actually asbestos related.

1. First of all you will need to be on the lookout for symptoms that are akin to typical illnesses like flu for instance. Some of them can include difficulties breathing, hoarseness, and persistent cough. If you have bodily reactions that seem strange to you, like wheezing and blood in your spit, you should visit your physician immediately. Be aware that asbestos lung cancer may not always come with symptoms.

2. Ask your family members and also coworkers if they experience similar symptoms. After that, contact a specialized company to check your home for asbestos. If any items are infected, leave them there, because asbestos is airborne can easily spread.

3. Get a PET, CAT, MRI and X-ray scan at your physician and also verify the results even more by taking a blood test or biopsy test. By taking these tests you will be sure whether or not you are dealing with asbestos cancer.

Asbestos lung cancer signs

Remember that after you have been exposed to asbestos you will not see the signs immediately. This means that even if a few weeks or even months pass, you will still not feel anything. The explanation to this is the fact that this type of cancer has a very high latency and it will take anywhere between twenty and forty years (and surprisingly even 50 years in some cases) for you to suffer from its effects.

Be aware that if you are a smoker or if you are suffering from a mild cold or pneumonia, you will have a higher chance of getting asbestos lung cancer. It’s also very well known that if you are a heavy smoker and have been exposed to asbestos for a long period of time, you will have greater chances of getting cancer.

The best advice? Quit smoking!

Recently it has been reported that one of the leading causes for death in the world is lung cancer and when it comes to men, they are almost four times more exposed to getting this form of cancer (mesothelioma) in comparison with women. The sad part is that this risk will increase with age. Why such a high risk? Well, you know that mostly men are working in the heavier industries and they are the ones to come in contact with different types of materials.

Some of the workers who are dealing with a high risk of asbestos lung cancer are the ones working in the mining, milling and manufacturing industries. These people are also at risk for suffering from asbestosis which means their lungs will get scarred after coming in contact with the asbestos particles. It’s a chronic condition that prevents you from breathing normally and in some cases it’s so severe, that you won’t be able to walk into the next room without heavily gasping for oxygen.

It’s really sad that something mined from the earth can be so dangerous and it’s even worse news that it has been used for many years in our homes and various other industries that somehow manufactured items which reached the privacy of our homes. After reading and discovering about this, I have really changed my perspective upon this topic and I’m thinking: Tobacco is also a regular plant that grows naturally in the fields, yet it will only become dangerous when people start using it in all the wrong ways!


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