One of the biggest concerns that we have a weight problem is because we sit around too much and DO NOT exercise. We are aware about the concept of exercise towards healthy living, but we lack the motivation or commitment to do it.

Physical activity can help you lose weight and prevent a host of ailments, including heart disease, diabetes, strokes, and osteoporosis. Being fit  can also help you to stay mentally sharp.

The Benefits of Exercise

Reduce the risk of diabetes, strokes and heart disease as it helps to lower cholesterol, blood pressure  and sugar levels

Improve joint stability

Maintain bone mass

Improve your resistance to fight infections

Regulate and balance your hormones

Better sleep

Prevent osteoporosis and fractures

Improve mood and reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress

Help the brain to work better, and improve memory in elderly people

We can start developing exercise with walking, making it a daily habit. If you are starting out in a poor shape, it is suggested that you start from slow paced walking, but if you are starting out in a better condition, you need to walk faster in order to see the results. Listen to your body as to how long it can take; it is ok to start off with just a few minutes to build endurance and extend the duration later once your body fitness improves. The key here is CONSISTENCY and COMMITMENT.

exercise walking jogging healthyRegardless of your starting level, the more vigorous your walking pace, the more dramatic the conditioning effects will be.  When walking for exercise you ought to walk at a gradual pace that’s quick enough to cause your pulse to rise.

Swimming, jogging, aerobic, and cycling are also some other alternative exercises that you could implement. For those who like game sports can pick up tennis, badminton, or squash.

Others who prefer a more calm type of exercise can do yoga. Yoga involves both mind and body exercise, and even though it looks simple and less-workout, it still burns out some calories and you may get sweat out of it. There are a lot of body stretching and core muscles,  and breathing exercises in yoga, which is particularly beneficial if you are suffering from back pains.

The Best Exercise for You

bicycling healthy exerciseWhichever exercise that you choose from, pick one that best suits your body and your interest. It is important that you enjoy doing it so it  helps keeping you motivated and doing it regularly. Starting off at the first time will be the hardest, with all your body and muscle aches and tiredness felt initially after doing the exercise. But once you develop a regular habit, this will gradually ease off and your body will be fitter, with better endurance, stamina, and higher metabolism. You will experience better sleep at nights and your brain feels more alert and sharp during the day. In the long run, doing a regular exercise will keep your body and mind healthy and become less susceptible to diseases.


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