Fatty liver is a common disease of the liver. In the western world, it’s outbreaks too much. About 20 percent of Americans suffer from fatty liver. Japan and Italy from 30 to 58 percent of the total population has fatty liver.

There are many causes of fatty liver. In diabetic patients the risk of disease is high. A study conducted in the United States, 33 percent of diabetic patients have fatty liver. On the other hand, 49 percent Indian, who has diabetic, as well as those suffering from this disease. Other notable cause of this disease. For example-

1. Extra weight

2. High blood pressure

3. The fatter in the blood

4. Thyroid Problems

5. Chronic hepatitis C and

6. Insulin resistance

It is now well established that one of the main causes of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer is fatty liver. Who are infected with fatty liver Many of them could be chronic hepatitis. Which is called esteato hepatitis.

In a recent study, after hepatitis b virus it is a major cause of chronic hepatitis. A recent international conference held in Singapore on Liver transplantation. They said, Almost 30 percent of those patients who have esteato hepatitis may lead to cirrhosis of the liver at a later time. Some of them may be affected by the Liver Cancer.

Most of the patients with other chronic liver diseases in the patients often have no symptoms. Some of them at the top right side of the abdomen, feeling pain or uneasiness. Weak or tired easily. About 50 percent of the physical examination of the size of the liver can be found big. Blood tests may have higher serum trans-amines. If this is normal, yet, it cannot be said that there is no hepatitis in liver. The most commonly used test to diagnose fatty liver is ultrasonogram. Yet, CT scan or MRI is more reliable in this regard.

However, the liver biopsy examination confirmed the diagnosis of fatty liver. The diagnosis of fatty liver can be accurate.Esteato hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver are certain by this test.

The main aim of the treatment of fatty liver is to prevent the risk of liver cirrhosis and cancer. One aspect of the treatment of fatty liver reduces extra fat. However, unplanned weight, lowering quickly, it may be counterproductive. Because it increases the risk of liver cirrhosis. Physicians should be consulted for weight loss. By Planned Diet Control, exercise, drugs or surgery weight loss can be. As well as the diagnosis and appropriate treatment is crucial.

Liver damaged because of fatty liver. Thus, the protection of the liver, as well as extensive research is underway to reduce hepatitis in the world. No drugs were not discovered yet fully effective. But there are several drugs which proved to be beneficial in the treatment. Such as-Insulin Sensitizers, Ursodeoxycholic acid, Metadoxine, Probiotics, Vitamin-E etc.

There was a time when it was believed that Heart or brain accumulation of fat creates serious disease like heart attack or stroke. That’s not the case of the liver. But the past decade has been a radical change in the concept. Now it is proved that fatty liver is one of the main diseases of the liver. The diagnosis and treatment at the right time for a comprehensive awareness of the need. Because the disease is curable if we take early action.


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