What is HBs-Ag?

HBs-Ag means Hepatitis B Surface Antigen which is secreted from the body of hepatitis b virus. Just when infected with the Hepatitis B virus blood test is positive.

A few words about HBs-Ag

Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver. Hepatitis has been detected by A, B, C, and E virus.

According to the World Health Organization, 200 crores people around the world infected with hepatitis. In which 35 million people suffering from hepatitis B-related chronic diseases. Six million people die each year from complications related. This virus is 50-100 times more infectious than the AIDS virus.

Most patients infected with the Hepatitis B virus remain dormant as the carrier. Any kind of symptoms cannot be seen. So, unless complications arise regarding the patients are not coming to the doctor. The prevalence of disease depends on When the germ enters the body and How much a person immune. The man was attacked by germs in childhood, Later, the body of the virus in 90 percent of their long-term home crowd erupted. Such patients 30 to 35 percent of chronic hepatitis B are infected in one to four years. 25 percent on the eve of the adults die of liver cirrhosis or cancer. At the age of people who have Hbs-Ag is transmitted by, 90 percent of them become good after jaundice of the liver.

How infected?

Hepatitis B carriers are born of blood and blood substance. If a person has Hepatitis B Virus, However, if sexual intercourse with a patient infected with the virus. The disease can be. If the blood of an infected person received, Using the patient’s toothbrush, blades, etc. If you use one of its Hbs-Ag can be. If the pregnant mother’s body Hepatitis B. Then Hepatitis B is more risk of the newborn during childbirth. However, if you shake hands with infected patients, sneezes, sitting next to the patient the virus cannot reproduce.

Prefix or symptoms of Hepatitis B

In most cases, patients with Hbs-Ag virus remains dormant as a carrier. Any kind of symptoms cannot be seen that’s why people do not come to the doctor. Until they have faced any related complications. Some patients a runny nose, fever, weakness, loss of appetite, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc., can come to the doctor with these symptoms.

Treatment of HBs-Ag

There is no specific treatment, for passing patient. This is to give the patient a normal meal. There are some medicines and injections for inflammation of chronic Hbs-Ag. But, these drugs can be given to how long the patient, it should be determined in accordance with the opinion of the digestive system and liver expert advice. Because the drugs are not equally applicable to all patients at. The effectiveness of drugs, there is a need to monitor closely the drug-related complications. In patients with long-term treatment can be medication or injection. But treatment must be in accordance with the Digestive system or liver expert advice.


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