Asbestos poisoning is happening for decades now and even though the buildings that used asbestos as a construction material have been mostly destroyed, there are still many cases of people who report being poisoned with asbestos. Asbestos is a very toxic chemical that upon inhalation will reach the lung and scar the soft tissue, eventually causing massive damage that results either in a chronic breathing impairment or cancer. In some cases if you will get to be exposed to asbestos you may also get mesothelioma or cancer of the thoracic lining.

You should know that you will get “infected” if you are exposed for long periods of time to asbestos and in regards to the treatments, they will generally be effective if your problem is discovered in time and if you weren’t exposed for too long to it.

Time-delayed Results of Exposure

Most of the times people are used to seeing the consequence of things in general immediately or early after they have been exposed to certain situations that will have a certain impact on their health. Yet when it comes to asbestos the consequences will only be seen decades after the initial exposure. If you are dealing with an asbestos related illness right now, then your body is actually reacting to events that took place a few decades ago. Maybe you will want to check your home and surroundings and see whether they are infested with asbestos or not, but it could be that your illness is not due to your current activities.

Stop worrying about asbestos exposure on your own and better consult professional agencies that can help you out with staying safe. If you work in environments you know are infested with asbestos, quit working in them at once.

Treating Asbestos Poisoning:

Treating Asbestosis

If you are exposed to asbestos for far too long you may initially start suffering from asbestosis which is a chronic breathing impairment that’s a result of the damage asbestos has caused to the soft tissues of your lungs. You don’t have to worry too much if you have asbestosis, because it’s the least serious form of asbestos poisoning, but still there are some cases in which you can even die from it. The symptoms for asbestosis include shortness of breath, decreasing physical resilience, chest pain and coughing. If you notice these symptoms you will have to see your doctor as soon as possible. Don’t forget to inform him if you know you have a history of asbestos exposure.

If it’s black on white that you have asbestosis then the health problems that could follow up will depend on the damage your lungs have suffered. Some of the potential complications number failure or enlargement of your hear and high blood pressure. There is also a high risk that you will develop the other 2 main illnesses related to asbestos exposure and they are mesothelioma and lung cancer. If you smoke then your risk for getting the latter are higher.

The sad part is that the effects of asbestos exposure cannot be reversed and in regards to the treatment, it mainly focuses on treating the complications caused by the illness. If you have pneumonia, flu or even a simple cold you should treat it immediately and if you smoke, quit it at once. You cannot risk your life over something you can take action against and don’t do it because you simply don’t want to. If you have any lung or heart conditions your doctor will help you out with treating them.

Treating Asbestos-related Lung Cancer

There are established standards for this disease and you will be treated according to them if you are dealing with asbestos poisoning. Some of the solutions for your case number chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. There are also extra measures which will only be taken to tackle the specific effects of the scarring of your lung tissue.

Treating Mesothelioma

This is one of the most extreme consequences of being exposed to asbestos. It’s an aggressive type of cancer and generally it’s discovered late and that is why it’s fatal in most cases. The measures taken for treating mesothelioma are the same taken for treating asbestos lung cancer, but a combination of them is used for a more effective result.

With that being said, make sure that if you are exposed to an environment with asbestos to immediately consult your doctor once you become aware of this. It could take decades before people affected with asbestos poisoning start showing any symptoms. You could save your life by taking action soon, so don’t waste this chance!


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