How to Understand you have liver cirrhosis

Liver cirrhosis. A deadly and not curable disease. The liver or liver tissue is destroyed in such a way that it becomes completely distorted and ineffective. As a result, the liver has disrupted the normal work. Such as metabolism, nutrient storage, medicine and exploitation of various chemicals, materials of thrombosis etc. is hampered. Various problems arise. The disease slowly to death.

Why is that?

Hepatitis B and C virus infection of some long-term shape are becoming cirrhosis. This is the main cause of the world. However, in all cases, the infection may not become cirrhosis. It has been shown, from 15 to 20 percent of patients with hepatitis B positive after 5 to 20 years liver cirrhosis may be. The hepatitis C virus is the much higher rate. In addition, long-term drinking habits, fat deposits in the liver from the action, some genetic problems, some of the complexities of the immune system, liver cirrhosis can be.

Not Treatment needs prevention

Liver cirrhosis is much less likely to recover. Only 5 percent of patients can expect to live more than five years. Cirrhosis of the liver cancer and may take the form. Thus, it is best to prevent disease before. Hepatitis B and C infection should be avoided to avoid some risky behavior. Such as intravenous drug use, unsafe blood transfusion or avoid risky sexual relations. Who are infected with hepatitis B negative, they can take the vaccine to avoid infection. Avoid excessive drinking. Once infected with hepatitis, then to the United scientific medicine.

The primary symptom is too late to get caught

Sudden abnormalities in liver enzymes in the blood or change in the size of liver ultrasonography looking at the symptoms diagnosed.

Symptoms or Prefix of liver cirrhosis

Usually, loss diet, weight loss, nausea or vomiting, blood in the stool, the body of water is the main symptom. After kidney failure With liver failure, vomiting blood, blood fats and salt imbalance etc. complications may arise.


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