Liver diseases

1. Viral hepatitis. Such as hepatitis A, B, C, D, E.

2. Fatty Liver

3. Liver cirrhosis

4. Alcoholic liver

5. Liver Cancer

6. In response to various drug side-lever failure, etc.

All that drugs have side effect liver failure may be

1. Relieving pain, antibiotics

2. Sexual excitement Enhancing drugs. Such as Viagra, Edegra, SE Negra, etc. provocative. Synthetic Sexual drugs.

3. Energy-Drink, phensidil, etc. Yaba.

Prefix or symptoms

1. Change the color of stool

2. Weight reduction or increase

3. Muscle relaxation

4. Right abdominal pain

5. Blood, teeth and gums bleeding, the blood does not clot tied easily.

6. The two settings abdominal skin, spider vein-like presence in blood stream

7. Itching, abnormal allergic skin changes

8. Swelling of the abdomen or legs

9. Attention failure, abnormal behavior

10. Headaches

11. Portal hypertension, blood pressure increased

12. Exhaustion

13. Constipation

14. The smaller testes

15. Jaundice etc.

Complexity of Liver diseases

– Increase the amount of ammonia in the blood to the fainting, or coma.

– Decreased blood oxygen supply. Decreased or increased the amount of protein. Decreased    immunity. Pneumonia including increased risks of infection.

– Portal vein pressure due to the interruption of the nose, mouth, throat deaths occurs in    patients with severe bleeding.

– Diabetic increased risks

– Kidney failure

– An increase in the body of toxic chemical waste

– Male Breast unusual rise

– Women’s season-cycle abnormalities, abnormal Menopause


– Symptoms vary depending on the treatment method

– Supervised liver specialist

– Pneumonia, meningitis, given flu vaccine

– Victims of hepatitis virus eradicated by modern medical treatment

-Depending on the symptoms of liver disease in the last chapter is called decompensated liver.

Liver Transplant

Liver transplant success has not yet valid. Because the treatment is too expensive for anyone except the upper right of this option is not considered. The statistics are to be successful liver transplant patients survive only about 1 to 5 years.


As liver enzyme levels in the blood of these patients are more than several times. Therefore, patients are advised to walk enough. Oil-fat diet is a total ban. Red meat (mutton, cattle, camels, sheep, etc.) is forbidden to eat. Vitamins B, C, E connected, foods such as Plenty to eat. Medical scientists say, cancer preventative foods such as broccoli, fever, copy-tied, Tomatoes, apples, oranges, should eat more foods with selenium. Multivitamin in the body can cause poisoning. Unscientific treatment is not effective at all. The frustration-free living will. The patient has to sleep enough.From liver diseases should be aware of us.


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