If you’re somebody UN agency has Associate in Nursing previous home you’re living in, 10 you may be at danger of being exposed to asbestos amphibole This is a type of asbestos that is different from the other types out there and what makes it special is that it has the softest fibers of all asbestos types. It was used in the past for plenty of commercial, industrial and household products because it is very much resistant to hear and fire.

Learning more about asbestos

If you heard about asbestos and you don’t really know what it is, then you should know it’s a fibrous material that occurs naturally and it boasts heat resistant properties that were taken advantage of starting centuries ago since the Roman Empire. The fact is that this type of asbestos like many others has been banned due to the fact that is very dangerous for health. The chrysotile asbestos features fibers that are curly in shape and not only will they resist heat if put to the test, but they will also resist acid. There are currently many countries that mine this material and they are Italy, Russia and Canada.

Chrysotile asbestos: Historical uses

It seems that chrysotile asbestos has been used for more than two millennia, with many people from the past using it in wicks for lamps, burial clothes and many more. In 1904 the production of sheets of cement that contain this type of asbestos incepted and during WW II many manufacturers began using it along with many other forms of it. They used it mainly for producing many types of car gaskets, spray coatings, brake pads and so on. The use of this material was also expanded, according to the Mesothelioma Law Center to even cigarettes, hair dryer insulation, hot mitts, ironing board covers and so on.

Medical Conditions

There are plenty of mining companies out there who are saying that the ones who have been infected with chrysotile asbestos should not worry, because the body can easily clear itself from it. These companies have gone so far as to claiming that this form of asbestos is actually one of the easiest ones the body can clear out and it has also lower risk levels than the others. The fact is that scientists and doctors have denied all of these “good news” and have said that exposure to any type of asbestos will eventually cause cancer.

There have also been many other studies performed by South Carolina experts saying that the people who died because of being exposed to chrysotile asbestos, are no accidents or special cases. This type of asbestos kills as many and in the same way, people who have been exposed to it.

What you need to know is that you will get to have problems from chrysotile asbestos only if you will inhale it in large quantities. Why? Well, because it appears as rolled phyllosilicate, when other forms of asbestos are just bladed amphiboles. The possibility of causing cancer is lower due to this very fact and that is why it’s required to be inhaled in a great quantity to pose danger. Yet this is not true in regards to the other forms like crocidolite, actinolite, amosite and so on. When they will reach the lung tissue they will immediately cause irritation which in time will turn into cancer.

Chrysotile removal

Since the nineteen nineties there have been many manufacturers out there that changed their ways and started using chrysotile asbestos in a way that it won’t create dust or crumble. More to that, the Health Association and EPA consider asbestos to be dangerous only when airborne and that is why when it comes to encapsulated asbestos, it is not dangerous at all and it doesn’t require removal.

But when people are dealing with a home that contains chrysotile asbestos, they should never attempt to clean it themselves. Only trained professionals should be considered for the job, as they have the tools and know-how for it. On top of that, individuals who will choose to do it themselves, will not only expose themselves to the risks of chrysotile asbestos (if that’s the type they are dealing with), but they are also breaking the law. With that being said, even if this type of asbestos is not as dangerous as the rest out there, it still poses a great threat to those who come in contact with it.


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