Hepatitis B: How infected, Symptoms and Treatment

What is HBs-Ag? HBs-Ag means Hepatitis B Surface Antigen which is secreted from the body of hepatitis b virus. Just when infected with the Hepatitis B virus blood test is positive. A few words about HBs-Ag Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver. Hepatitis has been detected by A,...

9 Yoga Poses to Relieve Back Pain

Many people experience lower back pain sometimes during their lives. This pain is usually caused by lifestyle habits, like sitting for long hours at a desk job, and/or then sitting with poor posture on the couch at home after. This many hours of sitting position causes the hamstring muscles to shorten, and cause strain on the lower...

Sinusitis : Causes of disease,Symptoms and Treatment

Some of the sinuses are hollow inside face of the bone.It’s called sinus. If for any reason, blow or inflammation of the sinuses then it’s called sinusitis. Problems or Causes of disease -Teeth, eyes, nose disease may sinusitis -Bacteria, virus or allergy is caused by sinusitis

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